July 4, 2015 Out of Service for a Few Days

Hi Folks
This morning I went to start to get ready for our two markets to find the kitchen ceiling dripping with water…… Our wash machine had gone crazy and was pumping water on to the laundry room floor, down into the kitchen ceiling and all the way to the basement. So we will need a few days to get back on our feet. “First on Site” arrived with in the hour and did damage control. They will return on Monday to take out the ceiling and begin our journey back. We might be up and running by Friday, but next Monday for sure. So we are closed for dining and markets until our kitchen is up and running. We have insurance of course, we just have to wait until Monday to see how good it is. The devil is in the details. The adjuster was here today, and we are fine in terms of the building, hoping that our business interruption part will be helpful as well. Please hold our Shipwright’s family in your prayers and thoughts this week.

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